Chandra Sivaraman Programming and System Design Notes

I’m a software engineer, photographer, writer and travel enthusiast.

I have designed software to sell movie tickets, automate home loan processing, provide electronic document marketplace for mortgage loans, sell mortgage backed securities on Wall Street, manage operations for hedge funds and automate testing for mainframe software.

To me, photographing nature and urban scenery is a form of walking meditation and an idea generator, sifter and sorter.

I wrote a series of 16 short stories about a pair of maverick, prank-loving kids - a kind of Indian Tom Sawyer-Huck Finn. One a dreamer, the other a doer. They have a cheerful, optimistic, scientific and liberal outlook on life and strive to understand and improve the world in their own small, charming ways.

I’m a fan of Test cricket, an increasingly unpopular, modern day anachronism. Played over a whole work week, it frequently oscillates between mind-numbing boredom and feral excitement. It demands grit, technical excellence, ability to analyze and adapt to different situations and deep reservoirs of character and stamina - qualities that translate well to real life.


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