(Chandra Sivaraman)

I’m a Software Engineer and Application Architect. I was trained as an Electronics Engineer but got mesmerized by programming.

I have 15+ years of OO experience with C# and .NET, and 3 years in nodeJS, .NET Core and AWS. In recent years, I have been captivated by functional programming techniques in LISP and have been using them in C# and JavaScript ever since.

I have experience architecting and constructing a diversity of solutions in the finance and entertainment domains. I’ve led construction of microservice architectures for high traffic sites as well as high volume backoffice automation jobs. I enjoy refactoring and modernizing brownfield systems. I have championed SOLID principles, design patterns, consistent naming standards and test driven development in teams I have worked with.

I advocate building tools whenever feasible to automate manual work. I have automated MBS pricing models for a mortgage banker, P&L generation for a hedge fund, code parsing to extract business rules for a mortgage banker, code parsing to extract SQL object references for AWS migration for a movie ticket retailer, among other projects.


Photography is a hobby and a way to relax and unwind.

I wrote a series of 16 short stories about a pair of maverick, prank-loving kids - a kind of Indian Tom Sawyer-Huck Finn. One a dreamer, the other a doer. They have a cheerful, optimistic outlook on life and strive to understand and improve the world in their own small, charming ways.

I am an armchair aficionado of Test cricket, a timeless, modern day anachronism. Played over a whole work week, it frequently oscillates between mind-numbing boredom and feral excitement. It demands grit, technical excellence, ability to analyze and adapt to different situations and deep reservoirs of character and stamina - attributes also useful for a career in programming.

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