Chandra Sivaraman
Programming/Software Engineering Notes

Regex Tester

Regular expression test tool with navigable, grid view of results

SQL Parser

Extract SQL object references (tables/stored procedures/functions) from SQL code (scripts, stored procedures) using AST generated by MS SQL Data-Tier Application framework (DacFx).

CSharp Parser

Extract SQL object references (stored procedure, inline SQL) from C# code using AST generated by Roslyn code analysis APIs.


Fast local search word sets (such as synonyms/antonyms of a word) in text files with results displayed in a navigable tree view.


A C# evaluator that can dynamically evaluate C# expressions using supplied input arguments. It can also be used as a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop). It uses Roslyn APIs under the hood.

Data structures & algorithms

Implementations of commonly used data structures and algorithms such as linked lists, binary search trees, hash tables, graphs, binary search, DFS, BFS etc.

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Solutions to problems in the MIT computer science text using LISP dialect Scheme.


Solutions to assorted programming and logic puzzles

Front end stuff

Front end experiments