Chandra Sivaraman
Programming/Software Engineering Notes


Ramu Somu and the School bus

Ramu and Somu plot to escape going to school

Ramu Somu and the Diwali Blast

Ramu and Somu confront bullies during Diwali season

Ramu Somu and the Exam

Ramu and Somu’s underhanded attempt to clear the exam

Ramu Somu and the Great Cricket Match

Ramu and Somu plot a cricket victory over a Goliath

Ramu Somu and the Library

Ramu and Somu attempt to save the local library

Ramu Somu and the Race

Ramu and Somu strive to ascend the hallowed podium for the school race

Ramu Somu and the Sacred Cow

Ramu and Somu tackle xenophobia

Ramu Somu and the Science Experiment

Ramu and Somu participate in the science fair

Ramu Somu and the Maths teacher

Ramu and Somu plot revenge against an abusive Math teacher

Ramu Somu and Non-Violence

Ramu and Somu highlight hypocrisy during a school function

Ramu Somu and The Shivratri Celebrations

Ramu and Somu scheme against a tyrant teacher during the Shivratri festival

Ramu Somu and the Evil Specter of Corruption

Ramu and Somu expose corruption in a government office

Ramu Somu and the Ganpati fiasco

Ramu and Somu tackle the routine disturbance of public peace during Ganpati festival

Ramu Somu and the Lok Sabha Elections

Ramu and Somu help a candidate standing for elections in a corrupt municipal council

Ramu Somu in Tinseltown

Ramu and Somu run away to Bollywood

Ramu Somu and the Great Escape

Ramu and Somu plot to help tortured animals in a circus

Ramu Somu and the Pandemic

Ramu and Somu tackle unreason in the face of a pandemic

Ramu Somu and the Bigots

Ramu and Somu confront a rising wave of bigotry in Shivajinagar